Musik und Tanz

Ancient Italian melodies to play together

Il Pantalino, la Monferrina... music that tells a story...

Pantalino, girometta, monferrine, curenta, burea and other ancient music linked to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
The repertoire come mainly from the musical tradition of Piedmont and Liguria.

We will move from tonal melody to modal pieces, trying to emphasize in the music arrangement the narration and the rhythm dictated by the melodic line.
The course is open to both melodic and harmonic instruments. 
It only requires that everyone can open his heart and his imagination in order to try to make beautiful music together!!!

Kurssprache: englisch

Ein Austausch mit dem parallel stattfindenden Kurs Rare Dances of Piedmont ist angedacht.

16.10. - 18.10.2020

Kurs-Nr. 20-33314
 18.30 Uhr  13.00 Uhr
250 - 300 € (inkl. Ü/VP)
150 € Jugendtarif, 175 € Sozialtarif