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Rare Dances of Piedmont

Tänze aus der Region Piedmont

During this weekend we will get to know some beautiful rare dances from the region of Piedmont.

The workshop focuses on learning some little-known traditional dances of the current folk-revival scene that despite the lack of a large diffusion are engaging and straightforward.
These dances are:
1 - Burea del Roero
2 - Monferrina delle Langhe
3 - some variants of the Sbrando/Brando
4 - Curenta dei Butei
5 - Courenda dei sette salti delle valli di Lanzo
6 - Courenda di Balme

The ethnomusicological “field research” and the study of the archives done by the Trata Birata Cultural Association started in 1977, covering the entire Piedmontese territory and allowing the collection of a large number of traditional songs and dances of the region.

The workshop is open at all levels. It's important to have comfortable clothes and footwear, since some dances are rather dynamic and, specially, many smiles to have fun! :-)

Kurssprache: englisch

Ein Austausch mit dem parallel stattfindenden Kurs Ancient Italian melodies to play together ist angedacht.

16.10. - 18.10.2020

Kurs-Nr. 20-33313
 18.30 Uhr  13.00 Uhr
250 - 300 € (inkl. Ü/VP)
150 € Jugendtarif, 175 € Sozialtarif
Rare Dances of Piedmont