Annette Osann

Annette Osann is a professional violin maker trained in Mittenwald and Hamburg and, since 1998, specializing in building nyckelharpas in her own workshop.

Annette Osann's career is a symbiosis of nyckelharpa making and nyckelharpa playing. She performs as a soloist on nyckelharpa. Annette interprets baroque music on the nyckelharpa and adapts the nyckelharpa to the baroque sound. She plays on a nyckelharpa with gut strings.


Annette plays in the following ensembles:

  • Nyckelharpa, organ and percussion
  • Nyckelharpa and baroque cello
  • Nyckelharpa consort
  • "Le Insolite Note" (nyckelharpa, cello, voice, organ)
  • "NyckelharpaQuartett"
  • Nyckelharpa, clarinet and guitar
  • Nyckelharpa Network Orchestra
  • CADENCE ensemble
  • ENCORE ensemble

Meine nächsten Kurse:

24.02. - 26.02.

Kurs-Nr. 23-35102

Nyckelharpa | Auftakt

Kurs für Einsteiger*innen und fortgeschrittene Anfänger*innen

08.09. - 10.09.

Kurs-Nr. 23-23104

Europäische Nyckelharpa-Fortbildung

Modul 4 – Filmmusik und Französische Chansons für Nyckelharpa-Quartett


05.10. - 08.10.

Kurs-Nr. 23-35101

Meine vergangenen Kurse:

22.07. - 24.07.

Kurs-Nr. 22-23104

Europäische Nyckelharpa-Fortbildung

Modul 4 – Girolamo Frescobaldi, „canzoni a due canti“ (1°libro delle canzoni)