Immersed in the traditional music of the Centre France, since his childhood, Etienne travelled across France and Europe to share this material in dancing bal (Giddy’up!, Trio Dhoore, Les Piliers de Bal, Trio Pinoteau Tourny, BBB) and on the occasion of courses (music, dance). Inspired by his musical idols, he develops a percussive and rhythmic way of playing hurdy gurdy, dynamic and nuanced, to transport spectators and dancers. Etienne is an active member of the organization of the Le Son Continu festival.

Listen to Etienne on Youtube and with Club Weltenklang.

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02.01. - 05.01.

Kurs-Nr. 24-10011

24. Fürstenecker Bordunale

Bordun Folk Tage für Bordun- und andere Instrumente