Gabriel Lenoir is a fiddle player, but also a dancer, composer and arranger, always in the style of bal music and oral traditions. Professional musician till 2002, he’s today a major figure of traditional violin in France and Belgium.
During his studies of musicology and ethnomusicology in Lille, he began playing in bals in North of France and learned there the specificities of traditional music. He has played with many musicians in different regions of France and Belgium: Flanders, Wallonia, Auvergne, Poitou… and in different types of shows: concerts, bals, performances, accompaniment to story-telling, music for theatre…
He plays today in various projects, like Shillelagh, Violons Danseurs, La Cuivraille, Gabriel Lenoir Solo, Envoyez les Violons…

Meine vergangenen Kurse:

02.02. - 04.02.

Kurs-Nr. 24-10031

26. Fürstenecker Folk&TanzTage

Folktanz und Tanzmusik – zwei, die ohne einander nicht können…