Born in Sint-Lievens-Houtem in the Flemish part of Belgium Hartwin grows up in a family where making music was encouraged and folk music was never far away. He entres the music school at the age of 8 and takes theory lessons together with chromatic accordion classes.

In 2005 he leaves music school and swops his chromatic for a diatonic accordion after
which he learns to play by ear from CDs and in sessions. Five years later he roams the
international folk stage as a professional musician.

Inspired by traditional European music, Hartwin has crafted his own style. Performing
across Europe, Canada, and the USA with different bands and projects, his original
compositions have found their way to a wide audience.

Hartwin also published a sheet music book called ‘Out of the box’ featuring one hundred of his original tunes.

His first solo album, 'Waterman', includes ten sets of fine melodies played in a delicate but touching way. The album title refers to Hartwin's zodiac sign, 'Aquarius', which means 'Waterman' in Dutch.

The honest and calming tunes on this album reflect the symbiosis of Hartwin and his
melodeon; a result of playing and creating music for many years. A "less is more" album well worth discovering.


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02.01. - 05.01.

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24. Fürstenecker Bordunale

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