Paola Comola was born in Alessandria in 1968. Since childhood she's very active in various sports activities. In 1986 she became a semi-professional basketball player (a role she'll hold in some piedmontese teams until 1996). After graduation she started working at the “Teatro Comunale” of Alessandria. In 1993 she reached the rank of black Kung Fu belt. In 1997, ceased competitive sports activities, she became passionate about folk dances and she joined the Alessandria Danze Popolari Academy. In the same year she started participating in the field research of the Trata Birata Cultural Association with particular regard to the ethno-coreutic disciplines. Since 2014 she has been working at the “Teatro Regio” of Torino, one of the 14 Italian Opera Foundations. She was co-author of this project and teacher in Italy, Switzerland and Spain.