Irene Novoa

Irene Novoa is a Spanish singer and multi-instrumentalist who specializes in world music, Latin American folklore and pop music. 

She begins her studies in Madrid with focus on jazz music. Shortly after she discovers her affinity with Bazilian and Latin music and moves to The Netherlands to study at the World Music department of the Rotterdam Conservatory. There she combines her passion for singing with the study of percussion instruments, specially in folklore music, as well as piano and bass.  

After spending a decade studying and working in the north of Europe, she discovers Iberian percussion and decides to move back to Spain to study with the maestro Eliseo Parra the folklore of her ancestors. 

She performs regularly in The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany and Spain with the projects Nunuk, Érika y Los López and Modern Samba Buyakano.

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30. November 2018 18.30 Uhr
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