Teija Niku


Teija Niku (born 1982 in Haapavesi, Finland) is an accordion player who has been performing extensively since the age of seven. Today she is a professional folk musician with a master's degree from the famous Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department. Teija plays both diatonic and chromatic accordion. She specializes in Nordic and Balkan folk music, but she also plays tango, French musette, accordion evergreens and composes her own music.  

Teija Niku's debut solo album “Finsko Pajdusko” was released in 2011 and received positive reviews from the Finnish press. Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in Finland, included Finsko Pajdusko on their listing of the Albums of the Year and  it was also nominated the Ethno Album of the Year in Finland’s version of the Grammys (Emma-gaala). Teija has also recorded albums with the Polka Chicks and Karuna and worked as a guest musician on various recording projects. You can also hear her accordion playing on the famous Angry Birds games. 

With Grupa Balkan, the band playing on the Finsko Pajdusko album, Niku won the respected Konsta Jylhä competition in 2012. She has also won the Finnish Folk Accordion Championship twice on her 2-row accordion. Teija Niku has performed across Europe and in the USA, as well as on radio & television in Finland and abroad. In addition to being a versatile musician and accomplished entertainer, Teija also is a respected contemporary folk music composer and accordion pedagogue.